Every year in Perry County over 500 individuals, businesses, community groups and organizations fall victim to criminal acts.  As a victim, you have certain rights that are protected under Pennsylvania law, including the right to:

  • Receive basic information about services available to victims of crime.
  • Be notified of significant actions and proceedings pertaining to your case.
  • Be accompanied to all criminal or juvenile proceedings by a family member or other support person.
  • Submit prior comment on the reduction or dropping of a charge or changing of a plea in cases involving personal injury or burglary.
  • Have opportunity to offer comment on the sentencing of an offender or disposition of a delinquent child, including the submission of a victim impact statement.
  • Be restored, to the extent possible, to the pre-crime economic status through the provision of restitution, victim compensation, and the expeditious return of property.
  • Receive notification of release, escape, apprehension, furlough, or parole of an adult sentenced to a State Correctional Institution or Local Correctional Facility in personal injury cases.
  • Receive immediate notice of the release of an adult offender on bail who is incarcerated in a local prison for a violation of a Protection from Abuse (“PFA”) order or for a personal injury crime committed against the victim protected by the PFA.
  • Receive assistance in the preparation of, submission of, and follow-up of financial assistance claims to the Victim’s Compensation Assistance Program.
  • Be notified of the details of the final disposition of your case.


The Perry County Victim Witness Program understands that your reaction to your victimization is unique.  You may feel alone, isolated, and vulnerable.   A victim advocate is available to provide assistance and support.  All services are free of charge. 

  • Explanation of the criminal and juvenile justice systems
  • Victim’s rights notification
  • Case information and notification
  • Referrals to community agencies
  • Supportive counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Accompaniment to court proceedings, interviews and preliminary hearings
  • Preparation for court appearances
  • Secure victim/witness waiting room
  • Assistance with developing written/oral victim impact statements
  • Assistance with property return
  • Restitution recovery and assistance with submitting restitution claims
  • Employer/creditor intervention
  • Courtroom orientation program
  • Assistance in filing claims with the Crime Victim’s Compensation Program
  • Enrollment in State and Local Inmate Release Notification Programs
  • Victim/Witness Intimidation
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For additional information on your rights as a victim, please contact:
Perry County Victim Witness Program
PO Box 518
New Bloomfield, PA  17068
(717) 582-5122

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