Who We Are

The Perry County Victim Witness Program (“PCVWP”) is a project initiated through the Perry County District Attorney’s Office.  Established in August 2003, the program provides assistance to victims of adult and juvenile crime.  As a victim, you may experience feelings of fear, grief, confusion, isolation, frustration, and anger.  PCVWP staff is trained to assist you in dealing with your trauma and grief.  We will ensure that you have a voice in the justice system.

Our Mission Statement 

The Perry County Victim Witness Program advocates for the enforcement of consistent fundamental rights for crime victims.  Our mission is to ensure that victims are treated with dignity, compassion and respect in the aftermath of a crime.  We are committed to providing victims with the support and information necessary to create active participants in the justice process.  We understand that crime not only impacts victims, but family, friends, and loved ones as well.  Community response is an essential part of the healing process.  Should you require assistance, a victim advocate may be reached through the Perry County Victim Witness Program.

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